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Fusion Dance and Good Food Make a Heady Mix at Coral Beach Resort - Sharjah

In keeping with its code of being part of the community and focusing on people and their interests, Coral Beach Resort - Sharjah is organizing a fusion dance show on 30th August by 'Sky Crew', a hip hop dance group from Skyline College. Starting at7.30pm, the show will also feature a buffet dinner at AED95 per guest.

"Youth is where the action is today and we have consistently involved ourselves in activities and events that young people are interested in, such as sport, physical fitness and pop culture. Skyline is a popular and well-known college in Sharjah and hip hop music and dance is very much part of the cultural youth scene in the city these days. It's got the free-flowing energy and improvisational style that is so characteristic of the effervescence of youth. So organising a fusion dance show with a sumptuous spread of good food to go along with it fits in perfectly with our scheme of things," observes Jean Pierre Simon, Regional General Manager, Coral Hotels & Resorts.

"Sharjah is an educationally and culturally advanced city that has received international acclaim for the quality of its education. Its many colleges offer a wide range of disciplines that have attracted students from around the world and this amazing mix of nationalities, coupled with youthful exuberance, has given us a cultural potpourri. We see our hotel as being very much part of this 'fusion' scenario, which is so exciting and alive," he adds.

'Fusion' is the operative word. Hip hop music and dance, which originated in the 1970s in the African-American community of the United States, its improvisational nature reflecting its street origins, has embraced other cultural influences such as jazz, rock and Latino, to evolve into what can best be termed 'fusion'. In dance, this means an amalgam of hip hop, salsa, belly dancing, cha cha and even ballet, apart from much else.

So go to where the action is. Coral Beach Resort - Sharjah is buzzing with activities for youth and younger children such as tennis tournaments, karate classes, kids' activity and learning events and other fitness and leisure routines. The 156-room hotel features a children's pool, indoor playroom, kids club and sports facilities and is also known as the ideal retreat for business and leisure travellers, with a wide repertoire of dining options too.

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